"If it is to be,
It is up to me."
~ William H. Johnsen
Eugenia is walking her talk as she consciously manages her lungs' terminal illness, therefore, she is no longer seeing clients.
In Referrals, below, you will find a group of professionals she highly recommends.  You may choose from there who feels right for you.
Welcome to Knowthyself...

Eugenia is currently not seeing clients anymore due to her terminal illness.

She would now like to focus more on talks and open conversations about celebration of life, and death.

If you would like to have Eugenia address the above topics, whether on Zoom, or in a small face-to-face group setting, please email Eugenia at eugenia.gajardo@gmail.com

If you are seeking counselling, psychotherapy, or therapeutic support, please click "Referrals" for a list of therapists recommended by Eugenia.

With warmest regards,

"If I were to name a few people with the highest impact on my life, Eugenia would be in the top few, along with my parents, grandparents and my Daughter. Eugenia has not been just a counsellor, she has been an instrumental guide in my life and helped me take giant leaps in my journey towards self discovery, awareness and healing..."

Your issues do not define you


Everyone has issues. The thing to remember is that your issues do not define you.


I work together with you to get to the heart of whatever causes you mental or emotional  discomfort andthen, together, we create a psychotherapeutical counselling plan for you to effectively manage and overcome.  

Useful Resources


Whether you would like to learn more about issues, psychotherapy and counselling models and methods, or whether you need to find the right contact to call in a crisis, we have compiled a variety of useful resources for you.