‘Only if you've been in the deepest valley can you ever know how magnificent it is to be on the highest mountain.’ 
- Richard Nixon 


"As a psychotherapist myself, I very much appreciate Eugenia’s level of skill and competency. Throughout my time working with Eugenia, she has assisted me in addressing difficulties that I have struggled with for years. She possesses an incredible intuition, and an ability to uncover and understand what lies beneath the surface. Eugenia’s great depth of both personal and professional knowledge shines through in all that she does, and her level of care and concern for her clients is very much evident.  Her therapeutic approach has encouraged me to break through many layers of denial and she has gently pushed me to challenge myself in several areas of my life.  


Eugenia’s professional yet compassionate approach, coupled with her impeccable ability to ask ‘the right questions at the right time’, has made this therapeutic process a very positive experience. I have always viewed psychotherapy as a collaborative process, in which the therapist and client embark on a journey of awareness and growth. I very much look forward to continuing this journey with Eugenia, and will forever be grateful for her support."


“Eugenia has been instrumental in the development of my positive personality. Without her guidance and support, I would not be on my path towards healing. She has been very caring and attentive throughout my 8 months of counselling with her. She is truly an incredible woman. I admire her strength and success, and devotion to me and all of her clients. I would truly recommend anyone who is going through a low phase in life to seek her help as she has changed my life in a positive way. I can truly see things in my life from a very different perspective than when I first started counselling. She has always been there to listen, comfort and advise. I would like to thank her for all the invaluable guidance and support she has given me.”

“Eugenia guided and supported me on a beautiful journey of self-discovery, personal growth and change. Throughout, she treated me with the utmost respect and compassion, creating a safe environment built on trust.  She has amazing insight and ability to help me challenge myself to explore patterns and behaviours, and get to the core of issues. I now have a renewed feeling of self-worth and joy, and a sense of freedom, knowing and choice.   


Mindfulness meditation has been an essential component of my healing, leading me to find inner strength and a state of calmness and stability.  I now have a regular practice that supports me on a daily basis to maintain clarity and focus. 


My measurable results include: losing 20 kg; I stopped taking anti-depressants after 14 years, and stopped drinking when I was on the edge.   


I would highly recommend Eugenia to anyone who is looking to know themselves, change and grow; to acquire a deeper sense of freedom, find peace, joy, and a sense of meaning in their lives.”

Eugenia is an existentialist and an eclectic psychotherapist. Being highly intuitive and knowledgeable she provides guidance specific to your needs. Eugenia is widely regarded as an inspiring Counsellor & Psychotherapist, and a Life Guide & Coach with over 25 years experience in professional and personal growth and development.

"If I were to name a few people with the highest impact on my life, Eugenia would be in the top few, along with my parents, grandparents and my Daughter. Eugenia has not been just a counsellor, she has been an instrumental guide in my life and helped me take giant leaps in my journey towards self discovery, awareness and healing. The amount of change I (and people around me) see in me over the last couple of months is probably of a magnitude that people would see over a few years of "working on oneself" through various life experiences, and trial and error. 


This level of impact is only possible due to Eugenia's very unique approach to her conversations with her clients, who she treats as the most precious humans, deserving of all the love and happiness, whose life decisions really matter to her as much as it matters to them. Her sessions are rather fluid and unlike other counsellors, she doesn't follow any particular structure, which enables unearthing of facets of you which would otherwise never come to surface. She is never scared to "push" you and make you feel uncomfortable, only for you to realise that you come out much stronger after. Eugenia's approach is extremely adaptive: from being nurturing, directive, to just a listener or a friend.


Eugenia unleashed me, to be the best of me, without limits, without barriers- not by changing who I am but rather unearthing the real me, the core that was always there but only needed a person like Eugenia to show me the mirror and really recognise myself for who I am. 


Thank you Eugenia, for helping me become ME."

Your issues do not define you.


Everyone has issues. The thing to remember is that your issues do not define you. At Knowthyself, we work together with you to get to the heart of any issue, first by defining and understanding it, and then by creating a comprehensive counselling plan for you to effectively manage and eventually overcome it.