Only if you've been in the deepest valley can you ever know how magnificent it is to be on the highest mountain.
Richard Nixon

Eugenia Gajardo

Counsellor & Psychotherapist 
MASocSc (Prof Counselling) 

SAC Registered Clinical Counsellor 

ECTA Clinical Supervisor

Life & Executive Coach 
Mindfulness & Meditation Teacher


Eugenia Gajardo

Eugenia is a well-established, knowledgeable, highly intuitive and inspiring Counsellor & Psychotherapist. She has over 30 years experience in the personal growth and development field, and provides counsel and guidance specific to her clients needs. Her approach is straight-forward, deeply empathetic and compassionate, while at the same time, non-judgemental, pragmatic and practical. She helps clients to create alignment between what they think, say/do and feel, as she believes that only in a space of inner congruency, peace and happiness can be found.


Eugenia, is an existential and eclectic practitioner who has developed her own treatment model based on her extensive experiential and academic knowledge. She guides her clients through a process of enquiry towards a simple understanding of the self, guiding them to create their own solutions and healing, thereby helping them to make choices from a point of empowerment and strength. She often uses the breath and, where relevant, mindfulness, as tools towards calmness, mental estability, self knowledge, clarity and well-being.  

Having spent 18 years in the corporate and business worlds, being a divorced mother and professional, an existential seeker, a poet, a writer and a painter, she brings with her a deep understanding of the business and corporate workplace, of life and all its multiple facets. 

She sees individuals and couples, and young people from 12 yrs old. Her areas of expertise are multiple and they include, but are not limited to issues of anxiety and depression, relationships, motivation, confidence and self esteem; anger management, alcohol addiction, borderline personality disorder; life purpose, empty nest and creative blocks.

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Counsellor & Psychotherapist


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