Eugenia is no longer seeing clients due to her terminal illness.
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The following is a list of therapists with whom you may choose to seek an appointment with, now that Eugenia is no longer seeing clients.

These therapists come recommended by Eugenia, and have all agreed to be featured here.

Dr. Greg Lim-Lange's Psychology & Coaching Practice

Dr. Gregor Lim-Lange is an expert in clinical psychology, mental health, and human capital, and he is the Co-Founder of Forest Wolf, a global leadership consultancy. A regular keynote speaker at global conferences, Dr. Lim-Lange is also an expert contributor to Channel NewsAsia on human capital and mental wellbeing. Gregor has more than 20 years of experience as a clinical psychologist and psychotherapist supporting individuals and couples with various psychological and behavioural problems, such as anxiety, stress, depression, marital and relationship problems, bereavement, abuse, lack of motivation, confidence and self-esteem issues, work-life balance, and many other personal or interpersonal issues. He has trained in several types of therapy/counselling, e.g. Cognitive-behavioural therapy, Mindfulness-based therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Couple / Gottman Relationship Therapy and has been a clinical supervisor for more than 15 years. His approach is customised to each unique client, and involves practical tools and techniques that will lead to long term positive change. In the corporate arena, Dr. Lim-Lange has trained hundreds of corporate leaders, including more than 500 corporate leaders from Singapore’s biopharmaceutical sector. He is a sought-after coach to leading multi-national companies. His book Deep Human, co-authored with Crystal Lim-Lange, is a national bestseller and has been translated into Vietnamese and Korean. Contact Dr. Greg Lim-Lange:
Phone: + 65 9139 3559

Vinti Mittal; SACAC Counselling

Vinti Mittal; SACAC Counselling
Vinti holds a Masters in Counselling as well as a Graduate Certificate in Counselling. She is a Certified Sand Therapist and an Expressive Therapy Practitioner. She is also trained in the Gottman Couples Method (Level 1& 2). She is a Clinical Member and a Registered Counsellor of the Singapore Association of Counselling(SAC). Vinti has over eleven years of experience in working across the life span. She has worked in multiple clinical settings like voluntary organizations and private practices, before taking on the current role of Director of SACAC Counselling. She offers counselling for adults, couples, kids and families on a broad range of issues including Stress, Anxiety, Depression, Trauma, Eating Disorders, Body Image, Grief, Adjustments, Work-Related Stress, Addiction, Parenting, PTSD, Mid-Life-Crisis and Relationships. She is passionate about helping women/mothers with their everyday challenges. Vinti’s therapeutic approach is integrative and person-centered, drawing on many evidence-based approaches like Acceptance and Commitment Theory (ACT), Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT), Solution Focused Therapy, Expressive Therapies (Art & Sand), Mindfulness-based Therapy, MCBT, and Gottman’s Couples Method to meet her clients' individual needs. Before moving to Singapore more than a decade ago, she lived in many countries. Being a third culture kid herself and then having lived as an expat, Vinti understands the challenges around the expat lifestyle, adjustments, and transitions for individuals, kids, and their families. Her multicultural background along with many years of experience in working with different issues gives her the ability to understand and empathize with clients of different nationalities, backgrounds, and cultures, whilst retaining the objectives of the therapy. Vinti provides all her clients a safe, non-judgemental and caring space to work through their issues.In addition to working as a counsellor, Vinti has worked in corporate settings, which enables her to understand issues relating to work-life balance, stress, and challenges involved in a corporate environment. In addition to her qualifications in counselling, she also holds a B.Sc. (Hons) in Computer Science and a Post-Graduate Diploma in Computer Applications. Over the years she has been contributing articles on various issues for several parenting magazines, national newspapers, and online magazines. Established in 1973, SACAC Counselling is the oldest and one of the largest mental health practices in Singapore. They have since then been providing counselling and psychotherapy support to children, adolescents, adults, couples and families. SACAC Counselling:
SACAC Counselling's team of psychologists and counsellors is highly qualified, experienced, multi-cultural and speaks many languages including English, French, Italian, Dutch, Spanish, Arabic, Japanese, Malay, Bahasa, Hindi, Cantonese, Hokkien and Mandarin.
They also offer a very wide range of psychometric and personality assessment services for both children and adults. The company works very closely with the broader community including doctors, psychiatrists, dieticians, specialist, educators in public and private settings. They have also very active in providing EAP services to employees of both local and foreign companies. They also provide support to embassies and educational institutions, including international based in Singapore and the region. Their clinical and administrative staff available on all 7 days of the week including Sundays, and sessions can be conducted face-to-face, over video or phone. SACAC Counselling:

Phone: +65 6733 9249
+65 8285 0476

Natalia Padgen; Soma Clinic

Natalia Padgen; Soma Clinic Soma Clinic CBD is an integrated health clinic in with a focus on mental health and trauma recovery. Director Natalia Rachel is passionate about working with root causes, rather than only symptoms to support change. She takes a relational and somatic approach to care, acknowledging the importance of the impact of our relationships as well as the non-verbal and very physical experience associated with mental health and trauma. Natalia also trains other practitioners. Therapists who have trained with Natalia, or work with Soma Clinic also engage with these principles as part of their tool kit.
Referrals: If you’re interested to engage with a therapist at Soma Clinic CBD, complete this online mind-body questionnaire, and reception will be in touch with a suggestion on the right therapist for you. Mind-Body Questionnaire: Work with Natalia: Natalia specializes in physical and emotional abuse as well as mental health diagnosis of Bipolar of Borderline Personality Disorder. While Natalia is not currently accepting new clients, you can opt to go on her wait list. Waiting time is 3-6 months, however once on the wait list, you’ll be notified of any earlier openings. To enquire about working with Natalia, or go on the waitlist, Whatsapp Soma Clinic CBD: +65 9006 8393

Soma Clinic Website:

Annelaure Vuillermoz; Colourfully

Annelaure Vuillermoz
Art psychotherapist & EMDR Therapist
Annelaure is a credentialed art psychotherapist and EMDR therapist, and the clinical director at Colourfully. On the entrepreneurial side, Annelaure develops the training arm of Colourfully, bringing international experts in Trauma Healing & Creative Arts Therapies to Singapore. Annelaure has experience supporting adults who struggle with anxiety, depression, traumatic experiences, childhood abuse, PTSD, addictions (alcohol, drugs, sex/porn, shoplifting) and eating disorders. She may meld art psychotherapy, psychotherapy and EMDR therapy in her work, according to the needs and preferences of her clients. A neurodiversity advocate, Annelaure has a keen interest in supporting ‘zesty minds’: individuals labeled as ADHD, Asperger/ASD, dys-, high IQ or gifted. She presented her therapy and coaching work at the 3rd Asia Pacific Behavioural & Addiction Medicine Conference (2015), and at IMH Asian Congress on ADHD (2016). Annelaure holds a Master in Art Therapy from Singapore LASALLE College of the Arts & Goldsmiths London, and an Executive Master in Change from INSEAD. She has completed training in EMDR Therapy, Guided Drawing for healing trauma, Cognitive-Behavioural and Psychodynamic Psychotherapies (NUS/IMH), ADHD coaching, and trauma-sensitive yoga. Her continuing professional development is focused on body-oriented trauma therapies. Annelaure provides individual or group sessions in English or in French. She has lived and worked in Japan, France, Thailand and Singapore, and facilitated change workshops in companies in ten more countries. Her initial education and career (Engineering, MBA, ten years in marketing and IT roles in multinational companies) enable her to understand the challenges of global executives leading change. Colourfully: Colourfully is a private practice specialised in trauma healing and creative art therapies, supporting adults of all walks of life in their journey towards safety, connection and well-being. Contact: