And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud
was more painful than the risk it took to blossom. 
Anais Nin


To protect the confidential identity of our clients, no names or initials have been used.  The clients writing these expressions of gratitude are about 45% local and 55% foreigners, 65% female and 35% male, their age ranges from 12 to 84 years, and the majority are between 25 and 55 years.  About 35% are single, 25% divorced and 40% married; 70% are working in the corporate and business world, and 5% are entrepreneurs, 5% are students and 20% are housewives, many, non-working professionals.  Interestingly, 4% of the men also are non-working professionals being home and child minders.  

"As a psychotherapist myself, I very much appreciate Eugenia’s level of skill and competency. Throughout my time working with Eugenia, she has assisted me in addressing difficulties that I have struggled with for years. She possesses an incredible intuition, and an ability to uncover and understand what lies beneath the surface. Eugenia’s great depth of both personal and professional knowledge shines through in all that she does, and her level of care and concern for her clients is very much evident.  Her therapeutic approach has encouraged me to break through many layers of denial and she has gently pushed me to challenge myself in several areas of my life.  


Eugenia’s professional yet compassionate approach, coupled with her impeccable ability to ask ‘the right questions at the right time’, has made this therapeutic process a very positive experience. I have always viewed psychotherapy as a collaborative process, in which the therapist and client embark on a journey of awareness and growth. I very much look forward to continuing this journey with Eugenia, and will forever be grateful for her support."

“Eugenia has been instrumental in the development of my positive personality. Without her guidance and support, I would not be on my path towards healing. She has been very caring and attentive throughout my 8 months of counselling with her. She is truly an incredible woman. I admire her strength and success, and devotion to me and all of her clients. I would truly recommend anyone who is going through a low phase in life to seek her help as she has changed my life in a positive way. I can truly see things in my life from a very different perspective than when I first started counselling. She has always been there to listen, comfort and advise. I would like to thank her for all the invaluable guidance and support she has given me.”

“Eugenia guided and supported me on a beautiful journey of self-discovery, personal growth and change. Throughout, she treated me with the utmost respect and compassion, creating a safe environment built on trust.  She has amazing insight and ability to help me challenge myself to explore patterns and behaviours, and get to the core of issues. I now have a renewed feeling of self-worth and joy, and a sense of freedom, knowing and choice.   


Mindfulness meditation has been an essential component of my healing, leading me to find inner strength and a state of calmness and stability.  I now have a regular practice that supports me on a daily basis to maintain clarity and focus. 


My measurable results include: losing 20 kg; I stopped taking anti-depressants after 14 years, and stopped drinking when I was on the edge.   


I would highly recommend Eugenia to anyone who is looking to know themselves, change and grow; to acquire a deeper sense of freedom, find peace, joy, and a sense of meaning in their lives.”

“Eugenia impressed me; she listened to my personal and business turmoil with empathy and no judgment.  Soon the ‘superficial issues’ became a quest for balance and awareness, for taking responsibility for my destiny and happiness.  Eugenia has an inner calm which has a contagious effect and, at the same time, she does not shy away from being clear and upfront in her assessments. She was definitely very helpful in assisting me to re-direct my focus and energy.   


I highly recommend her to people looking for professional and practical solutions to enrich and bring clarity to their lives. Thank you, Eugenia.”

"If I were to name a few people with the highest impact on my life, Eugenia would be in the top few, along with my parents, grandparents and my Daughter. Eugenia has not been just a counsellor, she has been an instrumental guide in my life and helped me take giant leaps in my journey towards self discovery, awareness and healing. The amount of change I (and people around me) see in me over the last couple of months is probably of a magnitude that people would see over a few years of "working on oneself" through various life experiences, and trial and error. 


This level of impact is only possible due to Eugenia's very unique approach to her conversations with her clients, who she treats as the most precious humans, deserving of all the love and happiness, whose life decisions really matter to her as much as it matters to them. Her sessions are rather fluid and unlike other counsellors, she doesn't follow any particular structure, which enables unearthing of facets of you which would otherwise never come to surface. She is never scared to "push" you and make you feel uncomfortable, only for you to realise that you come out much stronger after. Eugenia's approach is extremely adaptive: from being nurturing, directive, to just a listener or a friend.


Eugenia unleashed me, to be the best of me, without limits, without barriers- not by changing who I am but rather unearthing the real me, the core that was always there but only needed a person like Eugenia to show me the mirror and really recognise myself for who I am. 


Thank you Eugenia, for helping me become ME."

“When I decided to see Eugenia, I was looking for someone with  empathy  who could  clearly  understand my feelings and my mind. I was looking for healing, to erase my pain and my deep sadness.  Eugenia gave me the  kindness  and the  empathy that I needed at the time. And she  taught  me more, how to find – deep within my inner being – peace and stillness with the huge support of meditation. Then I learned something completely crucial: how to look at my emotions from a different  perspective, with acceptance and lucidity. I now feel ready to face my life with courage and trust in myself. I am grateful to my counsellor.”

“Eugenia, thank you for all your fantastic support and encouragement, and for challenging me to see and understand how my family, colleagues and friends perceive me, and how this affects my day to day life. I feel that I am in a different place, and I am acquiring the tools to deal with whatever life throws at me.  I am starting to grasp the power of meditation, which is opening a path for me to know myself better and to handle tough times and situations much more effectively.  Thank you.”

“I have been meeting with Eugenia alone and with my partner.  The sessions have been extremely helpful to understand ourselves and where my partner and I are coming from! Learning to deal with personal issues, understanding ourselves better and putting every feeling under a more realistic light has been an arduous journey.  Eugenia has guided my steps towards more awareness and acceptance. The reasons behind our thoughts, actions and decision making can be quite a challenging discovery; managing expectations and accepting what is, has certainly changed my whole outlook on life and its impact has made me more humble. Thanks to Eugenia, I can embrace these changes with confidence. She has opened up a new way of life; with honesty and open-mindedness, I can continue to help myself and therefore be a better person to everyone in my life."

 "I learnt about Eugenia through a friend who told us about her incorporation of mindfulness techniques as part of the therapeutic process, which resonated with me. When I consulted with Eugenia initially, it was in regard to issues within my marriage, so I assumed that we would go for couples counselling. Eugenia's approach was to see each of us separately to facilitate awareness, understanding and openness as individuals, before incorporating joint sessions alongside the individual sessions. This approach has been extremely effective for both my husband and I as individuals, as a couple and, unexpectedly, as parents.  Eugenia's expert guidance and support has facilitated in each of us awareness, openness and an understanding of a different point of view which has enabled us in our capacities as individuals, as a couple, and as parents. We have received so much more than we had hoped - or even imagined - from this process. Eugenia's incorporation of mindfulness into the therapeutic process, in my opinion, sets her apart from other psychotherapists, as it both enables the healing process and provides a tool for daily living. We highly recommend Eugenia – as individuals, as a couple, and as parents!”

“I am so grateful to have met Eugenia. She is an incredible support for me on my journey of personal growth and transformation. 


Eugenia supports with wisdom, empathy, compassion and understanding. She is unwavering in her focus on supporting me in the best way, whatever that may be, and is flexible and dynamic in her approach. 


Eugenia has helped me to know myself better. I have more clarity about what I want and I understand what doesn't work for me and I can let it go.  I am more confident. I am more content. I trust and accept myself more and I am happier just being me. This helps me to be much lighter, to look after myself and to create much richer relationships in my life. 


In my thinking mind, I always knew that I had a choice in how I responded to a situation. However, I found it very difficult to exercise that choice in the moment and to manage my emotions. While this is still a work in progress, I have much more confidence in my ability, I have the tools I need and I know what I need to do to make this possible for me. 


Eugenia is an inspiration for me. Her support has been invaluable and I would highly recommend her to anyone who wants to make a change in their life.”  

“The last two years have been an incredibly difficult time for me.  I have gone through a divorce and suffered from depression and anxiety.  Throughout this whole time Eugenia has been incredible.


She has been a great sounding board for decision mankind.  She listens and diligently makes notes and seemingly easily recalls what we have discussed weeks/months, sometimes a year before.  That is important to me – it made me feel like not just another client.  She made time fr me when I have been though very difficult periods.  This also is important, as I knew I could count on her.  Basically, I needed her – she was there.


She has encouraged me to consider life differently and as a result I attended the Hoffman Process – which was great.


In summary, Eugenia gave me great advice, picked me up when I was on the floor and made me believe that my problems really mattered to her.  These qualities made all the difference."

“Every session is different. But the one thing that remains constant is, that every time I have a session with Eugenia, I leave with a deeper sense of understanding about myself, my patterns, behaviours, triggers and reactions. Since doing the work, I have experienced greater internal peace and I feel more present, allowing me to create more meaningful connections with others as well as have more self-love and self-acecptance.“

“You have been an open, direct, sometimes pushy, and passionate Counsellor/Psychotherapist/Artist, but always in order to support myself in issue solving. That's why you focused your work how to understand myself, who I was, what I wanted, how to be myself. We worked on conscious and unconscious, co-dependency, Hoffman process…. The process took time to find solution and decision because you considered it was by myself and only by myself the solution would find.
The result after 2 years is today, I am in peace with me and now I am happy because I chose, because I decided to be fair with myself and honest. Now I am in line with what I think, what I say, what I feel. and what you told me frequently is to breath, and breath (your best friend to manage issues and concerns). But my therapy is not finished, i need to continue to work by myself to stop to be worried about what other people think, how other people see me.

With my warm and sincere thank for your support and help because it changed my life.”

"Sitting with Eugenia has been a wonderful journey! Her loving and caring nature combined with her directness put me in the best environment to grow both personally and spiritually. She helped me better understand who I am and improve my relationships, especially with my partner. I feel so much more equipped to deal with whatever life throws at me now! Last but not least, she has accompanied me into my first steps in the practice of meditation. Thank you very much!!!"

“Eugenia is intuitive, gentle and strong. She helped me to move out of a very deep point. She was able to express Love when I needed it, and guided me to overcome obstacles which seemed enormous. She always gave me the feeling that I would come out of the dark depth, which gave me trust and strength. I love her for all she has done and is still doing.”

“Eugenia has helped us get through a difficult period in our marriage.  She gave us tools to help us with our daily routine. She had great introspective and personal focus.”

“My experience of having Eugenia as a counsellor and psychotherapist has been wonderful. She is a great listener, highly empathetic, observant and most importantly, an effective and helpful guide to overcome various issues. 


Her non-judgemental and supportive style encourages a compassionate and gentle way to view myself and those around me. Yet she does not shy away from being truthful and objective, which helped me see things in a different perspective and better understand challenging relationship situations and different emotions. She has empowered me with the knowledge and skills to manage them.”

"I initially choose to work with Eugenia 3 years ago, after finding her profile on Linkedin (Professional online network). The professional layout of Eugenia’s profile and the clear nature in which Eugenia describes where she can add value to one’s life initially spoke to me.


Working in a high-pressure corporate environment and carrying some past baggage from my upbringing, Eugenia challenged & challenges me in a very caring & compassionate way to get to the root cause of my anxiety and low self-esteem. In the past three years, we have made vast progress together and we continue to work together today, with Eugenia guiding me to better understand myself and equip me with the tools not just to survive but to thrive in life”.

“I am lucky and happy to have Eugenia as my personal counsellor for one year. She has a wonderful style that makes it easier to search deeper within myself, to gain clarity and react differently to business and life challenges, and to learn more about myself with every session. She is a supportive, compassionate and dedicated counsellor who helped me to deal with stress management, and made me aware of the importance of maintaining a healthy balance between body, mind and soul. I can only strongly recommend her for counselling and psychotherapy sessions.”


“Eugenia brings her whole self into her practice: she listens, speaks and works with head, heart and hands, at times nurturing, at times provoking, at times advising, always at the service of my truth: awareness of my own thoughts, emotions and behaviours, and how to live life fully. 

“Llegando casi a mis 40, cuando uno empieza a cuestionarse que estoy haciendo con mi vida, porque estoy triste y no hago nada, porque acepto que pasen cosas que me crean infelicidad y no hago más que llorar a solas, cuando estas ahogada y deseas hablar con alguien que te sepa escuchar y guiar, que sienta empatía por tu situación y que con amor te de luz a tu vida. Así llegue yo a cruzarme con un Angel.


Llegue un día ahogada de lagrimas, con muchas ganas de llorar y llorar sin saber cuál de todas las razones era lo que me hacía sentir así. Cansada de luchar por la vida y sentir que que personas muy cerca de mi me tiraban hacia atrás, de sentir y aceptar responsabilidades que no me correspondían. Con deseo que fuese mi madre con quien pudiera desahogarme y buscar salida pero no solo la distancia sino otras circunstancias no me lo permitían.


Este angel fue y siempre será Eugenia Gajardo. Aún recuerdo su empatía profunda con cada una de mis palabras y lágrimas. Pasito a pasito, momento a momento, como ella siempre me enseñó fuimos laborando juntas para entender mis frustraciones. Con ella aprendí herramientas que me han hecho más fuerte y más segura de mi misma. Aprendí herramientas para controlar mis emociones, a como comunicar mejor mis frustraciones sin herir y discutir, a pensar, actuar y disfrutar el hoy sin pensar tanto en el pasado y el futuro. Aprendi teorías de enfermedades psíquicas de la que era víctima la cual ignoraba completamente y no entendía cómo manejarlo.


Así exploramos frustraciones que habían nacido desde mi infancia e impronta de mi hogar que siempre las mantuve callada y no sabia como superarlas. En fin, mi Dra Bella como la llamo fue y es un ángel que llego a mi vida a darme luz y aún en la distancia después de trabajar duro por casi un año durante mi estadía en Singapore, mantengo presente y a la vista cada palabra y cada mensaje principalmente cuando dice que la vida está llena de luz y oscuridad pero solo uno puede darle la dirección hacia adelante y llevarse los colores que uno desea.


Muy inspiradora, llena de vida, esperanza y que demuestra el ejemplo sus mensajes con sus éxitos en todo lo que emprende y con muchísima admiración, esa es mi Dra Bella Eugenia Gajardo.”

“Conocerse a uno mismo es esencial para poder encontrar una explicación o una respuesta a las preguntas que se hace el ser humano. 


Durante muchos años de mi vida pensé que superar dificultades era mirar hacia otra parte, centrarse en el futuro y olvidar lo que me había hecho daño en el pasado, algo así como cerrar todo lo que uno no quiere ver ni recordar en un cajón con llave para siempre. Un día, el cajón empieza a querer abrirse para dejar salir todo ese dolor. En ese momento es cuando acudí a una consulta en el que un profesional me ayudara a gestionar todo ese material que había apartado y "borrado" de mi vida.


Sin duda, una experiencia que me ha ayudado a conocerme, a aceptarme y a saber que las respuestas están dentro mí. En ocasiones ha sido doloroso mirar hacia adentro, revivir emociones, pero compartirlo y trabajar sobre ello con un profesional como Maria Eugenia es liberador.”

“En febrero de este año buscamos  la ayuda  profesional de Eugenia porque nuestro hijo de 15 años estaba en una relación amorosa a nuestra manera de ver muy tóxica para el. Desde la primera cita nuestro hijo sintió gran empatía con Eugenia lo cual permitió que el le contara todas sus cosas y poco a poco le fue abriendo su corazón y dejó que Eugenia lo ayudará a salir adelante.


Eugenia es una gran profesional con muchos años de experiencia quien no solamente ayudó a nuestro hijo sino a nosotros también a ver las cosas desde otro punto de vista y así formamos un frente común para salir de la difícil situación. Eugenia siempre tiene las palabras adecuadas y oportunas tanto para el paciente como para la familia. Siempre está disponible y da sin número de ideas, consejos y ayuda didáctica para lograr encontrar nuevo armonía.


Nuestra familia se sintió bendecida con la ayuda profesional de Eugenia, quien tiene un carisma especial para llegar a las personas. Estaremos agradecidos con su ayuda siempre.


Te mando un fuerte abrazo Eugenia, te recordamos con especial cariño.”

"Eugenia ha sido una gran ayuda en un momento complicado de mi vida. Es una persona cercana, con la que es muy sencillo hablar, y que me ha ayudado a reflexionar sobre lo que me ha pasado, a entender por qué ocurrió, a aceptarlo y a saber dar pasos adelante para superarlo y vivir feliz. Su punto de vista objetivo y neutral sobre las situaciones que he vivido han sido de gran ayuda para mí". 

“Lorsque j’ai fait la démarche de voir Eugenia psychothérapeute et coach, je cherchais une personne ayant de l’empathie et qui était capable de comprendre mes émotions, et mes pensées, mes désirs.  Je cherchais réconfort et guérison.  Atténuer ma douleur, et mon chagrin. 

Eugenia m’a donné la compassion, l’empathie, dont j’avais besoin.
Mais elle m’a appris bien plus, comment trouver au fond de moi, paix, sérénité, et ceci grâce, au bénéfice de la méditation.

Puis j’ai appris quelque chose d’encore plus important, comment regarder, mes émotions, dans une autre perspective, avec acceptation et lucidité.  Mon travail d’introspection n’est pas achevé, mais je me sens prête à embrasser ma vie, avec plus de confiance en moi et en la vie.  Je remercie ma thérapeute, pour ce qu’elle a fait pour moi."


“Para mí la terapia ha sido el comienzo de una nueva forma de ver las cosas. Sé que me queda mucho por recorrer, pero en mí día a día ya puedo sentir algunas pequeñas pero significativas diferencias. 


Así de lo que he aprendido, lo que más me sorprende, es el sentido de causa-efecto de nuestros actos, es decir, yo recibo la terapia, pero el beneficio no es solo para mí, sino también  para quienes me rodean, y en especial para mi familia. Y por eso estoy agradecida."

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